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The Aroma of palm is so strong that it brings a warm feeling to the mindrelease time:2020-06-29

It's so brown, it's so long. The annual Dragon Boat Festival comes, a box full of group and the company's Love and blessing of the Dragon Boat Gift Box "go" to the company's various posts, passed to each cadre staff's hands. Wechat pictures. JPG every time the festive season comes, all the employees of the company will feel the company full of love. This year's Dragon Boat Festival is no exception, boxes of heavy gifts, reflecting the company's meticulous care of the staff. On the day of collection, the company's factory area was abuzz with people. Boxes of exquisite gift boxes filled with salted duck eggs, palm oil, wine and fresh pork were handed out to employees. We are overjoyed, have said, must be this concern into the power, hard work, for the development of the company to contribute their own strength. Zongqing Dragon Boat Festival's welfare distribution is the group and the company's affirmation of everyone's hard work this year. It not only makes everyone feel the atmosphere of the festival ahead of time, but also integrates the company's deep concern into the continuous fragrance of Zongzi, has become an important expression of the company's concern for its employees. At the same time, the company demonstrates the importance of the enterprise to the staff by the actual action, transmits the enterprise to the staff's care. And our staff will be more grateful to the heart, with a solid pace, bold mind, persistent faith, condense infinite strength, forge ahead, create brilliant, the company will achieve greater glory. Because, we are a family, we "Zong" together.

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