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Innovation for fiber, division I key scientific and technological project results reported frequentlyrelease time:2020-07-31

Recently, the Ministry of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province announced that two product categories, green fiber high viscosity polyester chips and polyester industrial filament, were recommended for the fifth batch of green manufactured products organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2020, according to the notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, referring to GB 36889 -- 2018, T / CNTAC 33-2019, technical specification for evaluation of green design products, polyester polyester fiber, and evaluation index system for clean production of synthetic fiber manufacturing industry (polyester fiber) , two standards and one technical specification, the Technology Centre prepared a self-evaluation report on green design products and conducted a third-party evaluation. According to statistics, in 2016-2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology identified 4 batches of green manufacturing enterprises, textile, chemical fiber-related 61, polyester polyester fiber class selected only 3 kinds of green design products.

Based on the key technology and industrialization demonstration of high performance flame retardant polyester industrial yarn in Foshan, Zhejiang Province in 2020, the technology center applied for Zhejiang Patent Navigation Project. In the process of project development, by analyzing the distribution pattern of related core patents, establishing patent database, and the potential risks or direct threats to product development, the strategy and path that enterprises should take to develop key products are given. The total investment of the project is estimated to be 600,000 yuan. A patent database and early warning system will be set up.

Recently, the technology center of the company's high-viscosity polyester chip products "made in Zhejiang" group standard declaration, the completion of the draft standards, standards and other documents. The group standard through the high-viscosity polyester chip main quality characteristic, the core technical index and the domestic and foreign advanced factory carries on the contrast analysis, refines the company product to have the superiority and the bright spot, the aim is to guide the industry products to high standards, high quality, high-level promotion. "Zhejiang Manufacturing" is based on "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition" as the core, "standards + certification" as the means, set quality, technology, services, credibility as one, by the market and society recognized, representing Zhejiang advanced regional brand identity, Zhejiang manufacturing industry is the "benchmark" and "leader" , is high-quality and high-level "Pronoun. The city of Shaoxing will give a subsidy of 200,000 yuan for each "made in Zhejiang" group standard to be developed and published, and another 200,000 yuan for products that have passed product certification and factory audits. The Technology Center has two standard declaration programs this year, which will be released and implemented as soon as the end of.

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