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The signing ceremony of Gimpo Group-zhejiang Sci-tech University Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement was held in Shaoxingrelease time:2021-02-25

During the spring season, the signing ceremony of the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between Jinpu Group and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University was held at Zhejiang Guxian Road Green Fiber Co. , Ltd. , the ceremony was attended by more than 30 members from the team of academician Chen Wenxing, the Science and Technology Association of Yuecheng district, senior leaders of the group, the Green Fiber Management Team and Konoura new materials. The signing ceremony took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The meeting was chaired by Xu Yuelin, vice president and executive director of Jinpu Group. Sun Cheng, executive president of Jinpu Group, reviewed the course of cooperation with academician Chen Wenxing and looked forward to the future of cooperation between the two sides. President Sun pointed out that the cooperation between the Green Fiber Company and academician Zhejiang Sci-tech University has a long history. In 2009, the Green Fiber Company and academician Chen Wenxing's team launched a technical cooperation on liquid phase tackifying melt direct spinning polyester industrial yarn, the successful industrialization of the project in 2011, has completed 500,000 tons of direct-spinning industrial yarn production lines, helping green fiber company to become the world's first. Over the past ten years, the Green Fiber Company has established a good cooperative relationship with the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and forged a deep friendship with the academician team. The two sides have successively established a series of scientific research platforms such as academician workstations and postdoctoral workstations, taking on a number of national, provincial and municipal key R & D projects, industry chain collaborative innovation projects, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University team has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of the soft power of green fiber science and technology innovation. In his speech, Chen pointed out that the cooperation between Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and green fiber is comprehensive and concrete, and will continue to cooperate with green fiber companies in scientific and technological innovation, and deepen cooperation in production, teaching and research. Prior to the signing ceremony, Academician Chen, Workshop Engineers and technical center discussed the pilot test of the second generation liquid phase tackifying reactor. Academicians are the top scientists in the industry, and the Zhejiang Sci-tech University is a key institution that features textiles. With the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation around the research and development of key common issues in the polyester industry chain, the development of new products, the cutting-edge technology of polyester materials, etc. , for the Jinpu Group, the Green Fiber Company gathers the high-end intelligence resources, the innovation leads the profession development.