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The company invites the Zhejiang University fresh graduate to visit and exchangerelease time:2021-03-22

On March 20, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and other graduate students were invited to the company for a second visit and exchange, the company's Deputy General Manager Wang Zhangyan, assistant general manager he Zhenjun warmly received them. At the meeting, Wang First introduced the basic situation, current operation and future development of the Guxiandao Green Fiber Company, as well as the corporate culture and the construction of the talent team, president he on the company's main products, production processes and related technology to introduce and exchange. The students listened carefully to the introduction, visited the Enterprise Exhibition Hall, and went to the production site for a field visit. Through on-the-spot visits and exchanges, the students gained a more comprehensive understanding of the Green Fiber Company of the ancient fiber path, we are impressed by Guxian Green Fiber Company's leading position in the Global Industrial Silk Industry and its future development. It has also greatly enhanced students'confidence in choosing Green Fiber Company to work and develop. Through their on-the-spot investigation and "word-of-mouth" propaganda after returning to school, it will further expand the image and influence of Guxian Road Green Fiber Company in Zhejiang University Group, and create favorable conditions for the introduction of follow-up talents.