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State key R & D Program Project Performance Evaluation Meeting held smoothlyrelease time:2021-03-24

On March 21, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University experts evaluated the performance of four projects under the State key R & D Program "preparation technology of high performance polyester and polyamide 66 industrial yarn" , as the leading unit of the Second Project, the Expert Group agreed that the project completed the R & D task and the Assessment Index, achieved the expected goal, strongly supported the achievement of the project goal. The State key research and Development Program Project "preparation technology of high performance polyester and polyamide 66 industrial yarn" is one of 29 projects supported by the Ministry of Science and technology for key basic materials, iS THE NATIONAL R & D plan reform since the first batch of key projects (previously called "973 special, 863 Special") . After the project performance evaluation is passed, the Ministry of Science and technology organizes the experts to check and accept the project. The project is scheduled to run from September 2016 to June 2020, with an automatic six-month extension due to the outbreak. The performance evaluation meeting was organized by the second project contractor, Henan Pingdingshan Shenma Industrial Co. , Ltd. . More than 40 project team members from 14 participating units participated in the meeting, the expert group is composed of six technical experts including Li Xin researcher of China General Technology Group, Professor Nanjing University of Technology and former director of the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Logistics and support, an Faliang, senior accountant. Five years go by. With the cooperation of the members and enterprises of the research group, the second-generation falling film reactor was developed, and a 10,000-ton industrial demonstration line for direct spinning of high-performance polyester industrial melt was built, development of new products of 12000D industrial silk and direct-spun 12000D industrial silk for deep-sea Mooring Cables, 9 high-level papers, 9 patents, 10 standards and 6 new products. At the same time, the implementation of the National Project has further standardized the internal R & D Management Process and laid a solid foundation for undertaking the tasks of provincial and national level in the future. After the performance evaluation is approved, the next step is for the project leader to apply to the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China for acceptance of the whole project, which is expected to be conducted in 2021.