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Shangyu guardrail project installation finishedrelease time:2021-04-07

With the final 25m installation completed on April 2, the landscape guardrail of Fengzhi River Cycling Road Construction Project in Shangyu town has been completed. The Lot is located in Gaibei town, Shangyu district, Shaoxing. There are two post stations, four grape pergolas, two landscape pieces and node-building. The road class is non-motorized lane, positioned as the grape sightseeing park cycling road. The Shangyu Gai North Cycling Road is an important part of Shangyu District's efforts to build the GAI north wild vine cultural tourism. It is also the site of the Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zones in Hangzhou Bay, close to the area to be relocated by the company. The guardrail installation project, under the support of the leadership of the company, the project development team to create a model of the project mentality, well-organized construction, for the promotion of regional tourism landscape to contribute a force.