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The company organizes outstanding team leaders to participate in the workshop for team leaders of municipal Federation of Trade Unionsrelease time:2021-10-21

       In order to promote the professional quality improvement of enterprise class leaders in Shaoxing, accurately serve the development of enterprises and promote the creation of class groups, the 2021 class for enterprise class leaders was held in the home of employees from October 12 to 15, sponsored by Shaoxing Federation of Trade Unions and undertaken by China Labor Relations Dean's Triangle College and Shaoxing Professional School of Employees. The workshop was attended by more than 60 outstanding team leaders representing the enterprise, and the company sent the team leaders who won the "Worker Pioneer" in 2020 to participate in the training.

       The training courses for four days, focused on the city's established trade union enterprise supervisors, nearly three years for the municipal workers "pioneer" shift team leader, training content including enterprise team leader series course, the spirit of labor model series, series of team building course and wanfeng OTT holding group visit dry goods, such as full course.

       The quality development is well received by everyone. The team leader can learn how to build a good team on the spot by going out to expand and learn, and get familiar with each other and learn from each other in the course of team construction.

       During the training, everyone actively cooperated with the team to learn the theoretical knowledge and quality development skills, and mastered the theoretical knowledge and basic skills in the shortest time. Everyone said that the training harvest a lot, benefit, knowledge and work skills have been improved, will learn these days of knowledge and skills to apply to the future team management work.