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Green Fiber Company successfully held the signing ceremony of "Mentor training"release time:2021-10-28

     In order to speed up the construction of talent echelon, give full play to the leading role of the company's senior management personnel in the training process of new college students, and do a good job in the "transfer, help and guide" work of key positions, the company held the signing ceremony of "Tutor training" on October 28. Party Secretary of the Company, executive Director Xu Yuelin, General Manager Jin Ge and other company leaders, 7 pairs of teachers and apprenses and representatives of relevant department heads attended the signing ceremony, which was presided over by Deputy General Manager Wang Zhangyan.

     At the signing ceremony, the Human Resources Department read out the Implementation Plan of The Tutor Training System for Newly recruited College Students of Zhejiang Ancient Fiber Road Green Fiber Co., LTD. (Trial), and the college student representative Gao Xuofeng and the tutor representative He Zhenjun made a statement respectively. Seven pairs of masters and apprenices formed a pair, signed a pair letter and took pictures as a souvenir.

     At the meeting, General manager Jin Ge congratulated the pairs and stressed the significance and function of the activity. It also puts forward several hopes and requirements: first, it requires tutors to care for the growth of college students without reservation, transfer positive energy, and help them do a good job in positioning and life planning; Second, college students should not only learn technology well, but also establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook; Three is to correct the learning attitude, the courage to practice, strive to be a learning youth, as soon as possible to make contributions to the development of enterprises.

     Xu Yuelin, secretary of the Party Committee and executive director of the company, also welcomed the entry of new employees and put forward a message. He stressed that trainees should be put down and suffer. They should strengthen grassroots experience and training, test theoretical knowledge in actual combat, adhere to the faith in the cause, broaden their horizons and further undertake work tasks. Pairs should achieve each other, communicate closely and create value together. The tutor should carefully teach and patiently guide the students to solve the problems they encounter in work and life, help the students to integrate into the company as soon as possible, adapt to the role of the post, and quickly become a post expert.

     After the meeting, a group photo was taken. Through the form of "Mentor training", the company can maintain the vitality of continuous progress, help new employees grow up quickly, and encourage young people to continue to struggle and achieve new achievements. "Mentor training" is not only about teaching and solving puzzles, but also the inheritance of spirit and mission!