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The 2022 Economic Work Conference and 2021 annual commendation Conference of Green Fiber Company was held grandlyrelease time:2022-01-17


     On January 16, 2022, at 8:15 a.m., the 2022 Economic Work Conference and 2021 annual commendation conference of Green Fiber Company was held in the hundred people meeting room on the third floor of the company's administration building. Xu Yuelin, vice president of the Group and executive director of the Party Secretary of green Fiber Company, presided over the meeting. A total of 128 people attended the meeting, including general manager Jin Ge and other members of the company's management team, middle-level and grass-roots management of the company and technical backbone.

     Titled "sheer meeting, general manager Jin Ge as subsoil together Take zhiyuan, seeks the development To push forward to a new level of green fiber, the theme of the report to the company in 2021 the summary of the operation and management for seeking truth from facts, carefully analyzes the problems existing in the enterprise and the current situation we are facing, fully deployed in 2022, Sixteen goals and specific measures for next year's operation and management work have been clearly put forward.

     At the meeting, Xu Yuelin, vice president of the Group and executive director of Green Fiber Company, read the company's "Decision to commend the Company's 2021 Advanced Collective and Individual", and commended the company's 2021 company-level advanced collective, top ten employees, company-level sales model, technology model and HSE advanced individual.

     Subsequently, Jin Ge, general manager of the company, signed the statement of responsibility for 2022 production and operation goals with leaders in charge and department heads.

Finally, xu Yuelin, vice president of the group and executive director of the party Committee of the company, made important instructions at the meeting. President Xu first affirmed the company's achievements in 2021, and then analyzed the economic situation in 2022 and the direction of the company's key work, strengthening the safety work, deepening the demarcation race, promoting technological upgrading, increasing market development, and

     Specific requirements for talent team construction are put forward:

     First, safety work must pay attention to practical results, avoid formalism, resolutely put an end to all kinds of safety accidents. All departments should consolidate their responsibilities layer by layer, promote the construction of production risk identification, classification and control, strengthen safety inspection and rectification, make daily safety management more standardized and meticulous, and ensure production safety with a risk awareness of "no loss, no loss", so as to fundamentally eliminate potential accidents. Reduce production accidents, to achieve "four zero, one reduction, four hundred percent" to ensure the safe, stable, long, full and optimal operation of enterprises.

     Second, we should adjust the sales strategy in time, optimize the assessment mode, and actively expand the market. According to the changes of the international and domestic markets, formulate and adjust the sales strategy in a timely manner, and strengthen the market development of the company's superior products and differentiated products; It is necessary to constantly optimize the sales performance assessment system, effectively improve the sales awareness, enhance the cohesion of the sales team and the joint force to expand the market, dig into the incremental market, especially the market share of the company's advantages and differentiation products such as high modulus and low shrinkage, activated silk, parallel twisting and Marine cable silk, and strive to increase income and efficiency.

     Third, we need to pool our wisdom, search for and respond to targets, and deepen technological breakthroughs. In accordance with the 2022 work objectives and tasks of the Group and the company, all departments should formulate phased work targets in a scientific way, clarify work measures, pool wisdom, search for and match targets, and implement them vigorously, so as to strive for progress and excellence in all work. Based on their own reality, technical research teams should make breakthroughs in key areas to promote the overall production level and development quality.

     Fourth, it is necessary to establish and improve the "quality management system as the basis, performance assessment mechanism as the guidance of the two-wheel drive management mode, through the quality management and performance assessment" two-wheel drive ", effectively play the combined role of quality guidance and assessment to promote the quality management work throughout the whole process of production and operation management.

     Fifth, strengthen the construction of reserve cadres and reserve follow-up forces for the company to become bigger and stronger. Human resources department and all departments should combine the actual situation of enterprises, adhere to the training direction of "professional training and comprehensive training at the same time", focus on education and training, improve the comprehensive quality; Grasp practical exercise, rich work experience; Pay attention to the reserve configuration, optimize the structure constantly, train the compound reserve cadre talents who master higher technical level in professional work and are familiar with other relevant knowledge in the field of work, and have higher management level.

     President Xu emphasized: In 2022, is the key to promoting the construction of the new green fiber strategic planning, company GongJianNian deepen the management, innovation and development, in the face of severe complex international outbreak and economic situation, we must take a long-term perspective, assess the situation, seize the opportunity, with gram difficult endeavor of good state of mind, hard work style, harmonious and efficient team ability, strengthen the executive ability, creativity, Innovation and hard work, strive to achieve the work goal of 2022, for the "14th Five-year plan" a good start, with excellent results to the 30th anniversary of the founding of the group gift.