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Xu Yuelin, executive director of the company, attended the tenth People's Congress of Yuecheng Districtrelease time:2022-02-21

     On the morning of February 20, the first session of the 10th People's Congress of Yuecheng District in Shaoxing city opened in Shaoxing Grand Theater. The NPC deputies from all walks of life and from all fronts in the district performed their sacred duties entrusted by the Constitution and laws in accordance with the law, and jointly planned a new chapter of high-quality development of "being the first to establish the district and cross the city with happiness". Green fiber company party secretary, executive director Xu Yuelin as a representative of the district people's Congress to attend the meeting.

     At the scene of doumen delegation deliberating the government work report meeting, the district people's Congress deputies spoke enthusiastically and expressed their opinions, the scene atmosphere was very warm. They all agreed that the report on the work of the district government was clear, realistic and inspiring. It comprehensively and objectively reviewed and summarized the main work in 2021 and the past five years, and put forward the work plan for 2022 and the next five years with clear ideas, prominent priorities and realistic. The representatives fully affirmed the achievements of the Yue Cheng District and put forward their opinions and suggestions on the areas of concern.

     Keep the mission in mind and seek development. The deputies have said that they will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 10th session of the first meeting of the district and the requirements of the government work report, practice the responsibilities of NPC deputies with solid achievements, live up to the great trust of cadres and the masses, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era of Yue Cheng District.