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The company carries out "healthy psychology happy life" health knowledge lecturerelease time:2022-03-28

     To further female worker health care company, alleviate the psychological pressure in female worker is in work and life, to learn the correct self psychological adjustment and relaxation, March 11 afternoon, company Labour union in complex training room on the third floor "psychological health happy life" female worker health knowledge lectures, company departments 50 female worker to listen to the lecture.

     This lecture invited the national second-level psychological consultant, zhejiang province mental health education lecturer, Shaoxing family education lecturer, Shaoxing Maternal and Child Health Care hospital health Teacher Han Qiudi to teach you.

     Lecture, Han Qiudi teacher used are simple, humorous language, respectively from the present situation of mental health, mental health standard, stress and health, relieve pressure, etc to explain in detail, combined with their years of experience, to share the emotion management method, guides everybody understand their emotions, learn to express myself timely, sincere, polite, Truly achieve healthy work, happy life.

     The lecture was rich in content and active in atmosphere, which was well received by female employees. Female employees had a deep understanding of emotional management and a deeper understanding of healthy life. Meanwhile, they also truly felt the care and love of the company, which improved the sense of belonging and happiness of female employees and boosted the high-quality development of the company.