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Mid-term assessment for post-doctoral workstations of the companyrelease time:2022-05-20

    On May 13, 2022, the mid-term assessment meeting of Zhejiang GFRP Green Fiber provincial postdoctoral Workstation was held in GFRP Company. The meeting was made up of a panel of evaluation experts by Yang Zhichao, chief engineer of Ancient Green Fiber Company, Zhang Dehui, senior engineer, Hu Lei, manager of production Department, Professor Zhang Xianming and Doctor Yin Yaran from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, listening to Dr. Wang Ying's work in the preparation and application research of flame retardant polyester industrial silk.

    At the meeting, Dr. Ying Wang made a detailed report on the design of phosphorous flame retardant monomers and the polymerization reaction method and reaction kinetics of polyester in the process of copolymerization. Wang Yingbo studied the viscosifying properties of flame retardant polyester by using main chain type and side chain phosphorus-containing flame retardant monomers to copolymerize the polyester.

    the expert group questioned and discussed The work of Dr. Wang Ying, and gave the evaluation opinion that the research of the postdoctoral workstation reached the expected results.

    At the same time, the expert group pointed out that the research of flame retardant polyester industrial silk should be carried out from laboratory to industrial production and industrial application test.