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Yue Cheng District people's Congress Director Xu and his party visited our company to inspect and guide the workrelease time:2022-06-16

      In the afternoon of June 14th, Director Xu of people's Congress of Yue Cheng District visited our company to inspect and guide the work. The company's executive director Xu Yuelin, general manager Jin Ge and other relevant departments were accompanied by leaders and had an in-depth exchange.


      At the symposium, Xu made an introduction to the leaders of the Yue Cheng District people's Congress on the composition of the company's business and its development in recent years. As the representative of excellent enterprises in Yue Cheng District, Green Fiber Company fully communicated with Director Xu and his delegation on important technical achievements, product innovation, how to attract excellent talents to improve employee welfare and project relocation in the operation process.


      During the exchange, Director Xu and other leaders actively listened to the feedback of the company, gave constructive guidance, and provided relevant guidance. For the purpose of this investigation and the follow-up work arrangement, Director Xu emphasized that collecting the opinions and feedback of enterprises will be conducive to speed up the efficient implementation of relevant issues and the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.


      Subsequently, Director Xu and his delegation visited the company's exhibition hall accompanied by the company's leaders, and stopped to listen to the introduction of the company's corporate culture, products, main direction of future business development and planning. During the visit, I had a cordial talk with the accompanying leaders, and had an in-depth understanding of the company's development and operation situation and the implementation of relevant policies and measures, and highly recognized and praised the  positive exploration and efforts made by the Green fiber Company in innovation and development.