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The company held the signing ceremony of jointly building academician workstationrelease time:2023-03-25

    On the afternoon of March 22nd, the signing ceremony of academician workstation jointly built by Zhejiang Guzhuandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd. and Academician Chen Wenxing was held in the Panorama conference room of the company's administration building. Li Lingshen, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation, Meng Zhijun, Party Secretary of Shaoxing Association for Science and Technology, Ouyang Runqing, Deputy district governor of Yuecheng District People's Government, Gu Feng, Yuecheng Association for Science and Technology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and other leaders and guests attended the meeting.

    The meeting was presided over by Xu Yuelin, Vice president of Jinpu Group and executive director of Green Fiber Company. Yang Zhichao, chief engineer, introduced the development and technological innovation progress of the company. Ma Jianping, general manager, signed the "Station Construction Agreement" with Academician Chen on behalf of the company, and Ouyang Runqing District Director, Meng Secretary and Li President delivered speeches to congratulate the signing ceremony. It is also hoped that green fiber can continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities with the help of high-level scientific research platforms such as academicians.

    In his speech, Academician Chen talked about the process from the first acquaintance to the deep cooperation with Green Fiber. He not only jointly developed technology and realized industrialization, but also forged a deep friendship with green fiber team. Both parties will continue to cooperate to expand the new application field of polyester industrial silk.

    Academician expert workstation is not only the "engine" for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, but also the "catalyst" for the development of emerging industries. It plays an irreplaceable role in improving the innovation ability of enterprises and training talents. President Xu pointed out that Green Fiber will make every effort to provide innovative element resources to serve the work, scientific research and life of academicians. He believes that the cooperation between the two sides will produce significant scientific and technological achievements in revealing basic scientific laws of polyester field, solving key common problems of the industry, expanding the value chain of polyester materials, and planning the blueprint of Hangzhou Bay Shangyu New Area project.