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President Sheng Xihong of Shaoxing Technician College visited our company for investigation and exchangerelease time:2023-03-25

    On March 23, President Sheng Xihong and his delegation from Shaoxing Technician College visited Green Fiber Company for investigation and exchange. General Manager Ma Jianping, deputy general manager Wang Zhangyan, relevant executives of the office and human resources Department received President Sheng and his delegation, and held a meeting to conduct in-depth exchanges on school-enterprise cooperation.

    At the exchange meeting, Wang Zhangyan, vice general manager of the company, introduced the development history, strategic layout and talent demand of the company, and expressed the demand of comprehensively strengthening the cooperation between schools and enterprises and realizing the connection between supply and demand of schools and enterprises by taking the demand of technical and skilled talents as the entry point.

    General Manager Ma Jianping warmly welcomed President Sheng's visit and guidance, and hoped that through this exchange, a bridge of cooperation could be established between schools and enterprises, and full cooperation could be reached in the employment of graduates, practice and training, co-education of technical talents, and Party construction and co-construction.

President Sheng and his delegation then visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop. At the end of the exchange, President Sheng warmly invited the leaders of the company to visit the school and expressed his eager expectation for further cooperation projects between the two sides in the future. Through this inspection and exchange, the two sides broke through the barriers between enterprises and schools, and laid a solid foundation for better cooperation in the future.

    Established in 1958, Shaoxing Technician College (Shaoxing Vocational Education Center) is a public school under the direct administration of Shaoxing Education Bureau. The current campus of Pingjiang Road in Economic Development Zone and the new campus of Qunxian Road in Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone are two campuses, with five departments including intelligent manufacturing Department, modern service Department and Finance and accounting Information Department, offering a total of 22 majors.