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Yao Weihui, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the Provincial Light Industry Institute, visited the company to carry out party building and business research activitiesrelease time:2023-03-25

    On March 14, Yao Weihui, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the Provincial Institute of Light Industry, led some party members and technical backbone of the Textile and Leather branch, the Physical and Chemical Analysis branch and the Business Development Branch to visit Green Fiber Company to carry out party building and business investigation activities. Company executive director, Party Secretary Xu Yuelin, general manager Ma Jianping and other team members participated in the investigation and exchange activities. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the integration of Party and industry, scientific and technological innovation, standard development, inspection and testing and green development.

    During the activity, General Manager Ma Jianping accompanied Party members of the Institute to visit the exhibition hall and production workshop of the company. Chief Engineer Yang Zhichao and deputy general manager Wang Zhangyan introduced the general situation of the company and the work of Party building to everyone respectively. Vice President Yao Weihui introduced the general situation of the development of provincial Light Industry Institute, highlights of the Party construction work, inspection and testing capabilities and technical services. He focused on the energy-saving review/assessment, carbon footprint assessment, green factory and green product certification and other related services under the background of "double carbon", and had an in-depth understanding of the company's needs for related technical services. The two sides also exchanged and shared information on standard development, inspection and testing, measurement and calibration, enterprise laboratory construction and other work in the field of chemical fiber. 

    Ma Jianping, the general manager of the company, and other leaders welcomed and thanked the group of light industry Institute to carry out research and service in the enterprise, and showed strong interest in further deepening the standard development, laboratory construction, management system certification, green certification evaluation, Party industry and group co-construction and other work. They look forward to further connecting with the provincial light industry Institute, so as to effectively make the Party building lead the business and promote the development of the Party building.