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湖南省涟源市考察团一行莅临公司调研考察 3月30日,湖南省涟源市招商考察团一行在浙江省中经发政企合作服务中心副主任姜鑫陪同下,莅临绿色纤维公司进行商务考察,寻求合作机会。公司执行董事徐跃林、常务副总金革、副总经理汪章雁等领导热情接待了来宾一行。 首先,公司常务副总经理金革引领考察组参观了展厅并简介公司基本情况。 交流会上,公司执行董事徐跃林对考察组的到来表示热烈欢迎,详细介绍了公司的发展历程、生产release time:2023-03-31

    On March 30th, the Investment delegation from Lianyuan City, Hunan Province, accompanied by Jiang Xin, deputy director of the government-Enterprise Cooperation Service Center of Zhejiang China Economic Development, visited Green Fiber Company for business investigation,  Company executive director Xu Yuelin, executive Vice President Jin Ge, Vice General manager Wang Zhangyan and other leaders warmly received the guests.

    First, the executive vice president of the company Jin Ge led the team to visit the exhibition hall and introduce the basic situation of the company.

    At the exchange meeting, Xu Yuelin, executive director of the company, warmly welcomed the arrival of the investigation team, introduced the company's development history, production and operation in detail, and had a conversation and exchange on the feasibility of jointly developing the company's downstream market.

    Zhu Zhihua, member of the Party group and vice chairman of Lianyuan CPPCC, introduced the achievements and development trend of Lianyuan in recent years. Lianyuan City, as the geometric center of Hunan, has a unique traffic location advantage, very favorable policies, and expressed strong intention to cooperate in the development of green fiber downstream products.

Through this exchange, publicity and market expansion of green fiber products were enhanced, and cooperation was preliminarily discussed, laying a foundation for further cooperation and market expansion.