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Leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology visited the company to sympathize with high-level talentsrelease time:2023-04-18

    On April 14, Wu Yafeng, chief engineer of Shaoxing Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, accompanied by Qian Yuping, member of the Party Working Committee of Doumen Sub-district, visited Green Fiber Company and paid a visit to "national overseas outstanding talents" Postdoctoral Zhao Jile, who was mainly introduced by the company. Company executive chairman Xu Yuelin, vice general Manager Wang Zhangyan attended the reception.


    Chief Engineer Wu Yafeng had a cordial conversation with Dr. Zhao, asked about his life and work, and listened to his suggestions. Dr Chiu Ka-lok is a post-doctoral fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a focus on functional fibres. At the beginning of the year, the company sent several rounds of communication with its professional, to confirm that it is in line with our company's talent introduction needs. After joining the company, the company actively assisted Dr. Zhao to successfully apply for the "National Introduction of overseas Outstanding Talents" in order to win the government talent subsidy support policy.

    Wu pointed out that departments at all levels should increase their care and care for talents, so that all kinds of talents can feel at home and respected, and attract more talents to gather in Shaoxing for innovation and entrepreneurship. Enterprises should assist all kinds of talents to formulate the research direction of projects, make use of talents' professional skills and knowledge to promote the implementation and effect of high-tech projects as soon as possible, further smooth the "last mile" of scientific and technological innovation achievements transformation, and stimulate talents' enthusiasm for innovation.


    Xu Yuelin, executive director of the company, said that the high-quality development of the green fiber company cannot be separated from the intellectual support of talents. The development prospect of green fiber is broad, and the company can provide a place for all kinds of talents. It is hoped that the other kinds of talents introduced by Dr. Zhao Jile can take root in green fiber, entrepreneurship and innovation, and contribute their wisdom and talents in the front line of construction and development. At the same time, he said, the company will continue to strengthen all aspects of service guarantee, create a good atmosphere of "respecting talents, treating talents well, encouraging talents, serving talents", so that talents have a sense of belonging that "this place of peace is my hometown".