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The company held a special meeting on "Technical research, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, Strengthening basic management work"release time:2023-09-16

In order to further improve the company's innovation management level, dig deep, effectively solve the weak links in management, improve profitability, and ensure the realization of the company's annual business objectives, the company held a special meeting on "Technology research, cost reduction and Efficiency, and Strengthening basic management" in Huangshan Hotel on September 3 and September 10, respectively. Vice President of the group, the company's executive director Xu Yuelin, general manager Ma Jianping led all the leadership, heads of all departments and the company's four research groups a total of more than 130 people attended the meeting.



The meeting listened to the spinning, polymerization, equipment, research and development research group, cost reduction and efficiency group, strengthen the basic management working group from January to August key work summary and the next stage of the work report, the company's leaders fully affirmed the previous stage of technical research, cost reduction and efficiency, strengthen the basic management work achieved results, while putting forward important requirements for future work.

The meeting required that, first, technical research and development work should be closely focused on production and operation work, improve the ability to find problems and collect market information, strengthen cooperation with institutions, and constantly identify new research topics with the help of external resources to seek breakthroughs; The second is to calibrate the race to find the gap, reduce costs and increase efficiency to tap potential, constantly review and review themselves, acknowledge and eliminate backwardness, and release potential to improve. We should pay attention to the application of new technology, new equipment and new technology, and strive to accumulate experience for the construction of new districts while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Third, quality management should implement responsibility, optimize the assessment mechanism, deal with the relationship between double-A rate and customer complaint frequency, the relationship between quality indicators and compliance, and the relationship between doing and doing well; Fourth, the focus of safety management should be placed on the team, the post safety responsibility system should be implemented, the risk identification should be done, and the localized management responsibility should be clarified. It is necessary to pay attention to the operation of information, digital, intelligent technology to build a three-dimensional, all-round supervision system and working mechanism, to form a safety management model with enterprise characteristics; Fifth, to improve the management of processes and equipment, we should do a good job of top-level design, start from the basic work, and gradually realize the goal of establishing information, digital and intelligent factories; Sixth, we should pay attention to establishing a backbone team in the process of technical research, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and strengthening basic management work, and establish and improve the incentive mechanism.

The meeting stressed that all departments and research groups should take "technical research, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and strengthen basic management" as the main line, further strengthen internal management, improve work efficiency, adhere to the clear orientation of "staring at indicators, running to the crux, and chasing the problem", steadily promote the five innovative management of operation, production, research and development, finance and basic, and achieve stable and healthy development of enterprises. Successfully delivered an annual answer to the trend of progress and strong development.