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The company has passed Zhejiang Manufacturing and China green product certification auditrelease time:2023-11-07

Recently, the company accepted Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Co., Ltd. on the Zhejiang manufacturing and China green product certification on-site audit, 6 audit teachers after 3 days of intense work, on the two Zhejiang manufacturing standards involved in the past year of 4 categories of products and 3 Chinese green products to check the compliance. This audit does not issue a written non-conformity, directly recommended for certification.


Made in Zhejiang Province is a regional brand mainly promoted by the Zhejiang Provincial government and positioned at high-end manufacturing. It is promoted through standard + certification to improve the overall level of manufacturing in Zhejiang Province. At present, the company has drafted two standards, "Polyester Industrial filament" and "Polyester Industrial filament for seawater type low elongation mooring cables", involving four categories of products: high strength, low shrinkage, high mold low shrinkage and low denser. China Green Product certification is a voluntary product certification implemented by the state. The company has three categories of Marine cable, high-strength activated silk and high-strength silk through certification.

As an industrial basic raw material, polyester industrial silk does not directly face the end consumer, and the role of product certification to enhance the added value of products has not been shown very well. The company's ocean cable has successively obtained the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology green products, Zhejiang manufacturing quality, China's green products, through the continuous accumulation of various honors and qualifications for the product, in the high-end, green requirements more and more stringent today, this step is getting closer and closer.