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The company successfully passed the third round of cleaner production audit and acceptancerelease time:2023-11-20

On November 29, the Yuecheng Economic Information Bureau, the ecological environment branch of the expert group composed of 6 people, our company organized a clean production site audit and acceptance, the company's safety director Sun Guolin and relevant responsible persons attended the acceptance meeting.


At the audit meeting, the expert group listened to the company's cleaner production site audit and acceptance report, including the cleaner production audit process, improvement program implementation and audit performance, and on-site review of relevant materials, a clear understanding of the current level of ancient towpath cleaner production work.

Subsequently, the expert group conducted field visits and questions on the implementation of the production process, equipment and facilities, pollution control and cleaner production programs in each workshop of the company, and our company actively cooperated and responded, while adopting and improving the professional improvement opinions of the expert group.

Finally, after careful discussion and review by the expert group, it was agreed that the company's clean production plan was clear, the audit focus was clear, and the expected goals were achieved, and the clean production audit was successfully passed.

The company has always attached great importance to the work of cleaner production, actively responded to the call of the government, according to the requirements of the "People's Republic of China cleaner production Promotion Law" and "Zhejiang Province cleaner production Audit Interim Measures", our company began to layout cleaner production in 2009, and has passed the cleaner production audit twice, until 2023, our cleaner production effect has been significantly improved. This is the third cleaner production audit, and a total of 14 feasible no/low cost schemes were proposed, and 2 feasible medium/high cost schemes were proposed. Medium/high fee options 2. With investment of 779,000 yuan and economic benefit of 3.66 million yuan, the expected effect of energy conservation and emission reduction has been achieved, and the cleaner production target has been successfully completed.

Clean production is a continuous work, our company will be based on the clean production audit and acceptance, fully practice the concept of clean production, improve resource utilization efficiency, and help the company to sustainable high-quality development.