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Green Fiber company solemnly held the 2023 Economic Work Conference and the 2022 annual commendation conferencerelease time:2024-01-25

On January 19, the 2024 Economic Work Conference and 2023 Annual Commendation Conference of Green Fiber Company was held in the conference room of 100 people on the third floor of the company's administrative building. Group vice president, green fiber company Party secretary executive director Xu Yuelin presided over the meeting, the company's general manager Ma Jianping and other members of the company's management team, the company's middle and grass-roots management, technical backbone a total of 130 people attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Ma Jianping, the general manager of the company, made a theme report entitled "Tapping the potential inside, expanding the market outside, starting a new journey; Innovating to reduce costs, improving management efficiency, keeping the development and promoting development", and made a comprehensive summary report on the work of Green fiber Company in 2023 on behalf of the management team. The key work of operation and management in 2024 has been deployed, and the struggle goals and specific measures for operation and management work this year have been clearly put forward.

Subsequently, Mr. Ma signed a target responsibility letter for 2024 operation and management work with the respective leaders and department heads.


Lu Jianfei, executive vice president of the company, read the "Ten major events of green fiber Company in 2023" at the meeting; Jin Ge, executive vice president of the company, read out the decision on the recognition of advanced collectives and individuals in 2023. The meeting awarded the advanced employees and collectives emerging in the production line, product sales, operation management and scientific and technological innovation in 2023. Subsequently, the leaders of the spinning, polymerization, equipment, research and development teams, representatives of department heads and advanced representatives made speeches respectively.


Xu Yuelin, vice president of the Group and executive director of the Party Committee of the company, made an important speech at the meeting. President Xu pointed out: 2024 is a tough year for green fiber Push company to deepen management, innovation and development, in the face of severe and complex economic situation, the beginning is a decisive battle, the start is a sprint, we must continue to work hard, the responsibility is unshirked, to pragmatic progress

President Xu stressed: the company first is to deepen the safety first and quality-oriented awareness; The second is to improve the ability to find problems, solve problems and lead the market; The third is to grasp the main line of calibration, in the basic work, product quality, market development, scientific research, production costs and other aspects of solid progress, bright sword force, to create the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

At the end of the meeting, President Xu asked all green fiber management cadres to be good at summing up, identifying shortcomings, improving standing, establishing a big picture view, changing style, improving execution, innovative thinking, the courage to practice, finding golden ideas in continuous practice, finding a new way, conscientiously grasping implementation, and seeking practical results. With the courage to seize the only flag, the determination to break the bank, the confidence to win, open up a new situation of green fiber development!