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Good news! Ancient Towpath Green Fibers won the awardrelease time:2024-02-24

Keep moving forward to seek development, strive to be pragmatic and brave, and strive to be the vanguard of Chinese-style modernization development practice. On February 22, Shaoxing Binhai New Area held the "Dare to strive for good and strive for the first" conference.


The meeting commended the outstanding units and individuals who made outstanding contributions in 2023, and Zhejiang Guxiaodao Green Fiber Co., Ltd. was among them. With its excellent performance and outstanding contributions in the field of chemical fiber, the company won the "2023 high-quality Development Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award" and "2023 Advanced Collective in Strong profit and tax Area".



This award is a full affirmation of the 2023 work of Green Fiber Company, and is also a high recognition of the company's industry influence, technical strength and innovative achievements. In the past year, adhering to the concept of high-quality development, all green fiber people have joined forces, overcome difficulties, comprehensively improve production capacity and scientific research capacity, actively play the industry's leading advantages, with professional innovation, technological research, industry deep cultivation, diligent work, in the field of chemical fiber to break waves and seize heights, Focusing on independent research and development of core key technologies, iteratively updating and continuously upgrading the product layout, pushing the company's sustainable and steady development, creating value for customers and setting a model for the development of the industry.

In the future, the green fiber company will keep up with the national development strategy, continue to deepen the industry field, strive for progress, scientific management, steady operation, constantly enhance the ability of independent research and development and innovation, continue to improve the ability to serve the society, bravely take the mission and forge ahead, and contribute green fiber strength to write a new chapter in the development of Shaoxing Binhai New Area in the new era.