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The company held Lantern Festival "Pray for the new and guess lantern riddles" activitiesrelease time:2024-02-24

On February 24th, on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, in order to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, Green Fiber company carefully organized a unique "Pray for the new and guess lantern riddles" activity. This activity not only enriched the cultural life of employees, let everyone feel the charm of traditional festivals in the joy, but also further enhanced the team cohesion and sense of belonging of employees.


At the event site, the Lantern Festival theme cultural wall and a well-designed lantern riddle poster wall create a strong festival atmosphere. This lantern riddle content is rich and diverse, both easy to understand fun guessing questions, but also more complex abstract puzzles, as well as about the company's corporate culture, safety knowledge and other related content, knowledge, literature in one, not only tested the staff's intelligence, but also enhance everyone's understanding of the company culture.

The employees are enthusiastic, competing to guess, some thinking hard, some discussing with each other, and the scene is happy and happy. The activity site also specially set up a "New Year wish activity area", so that employees can write their own wish cards and hang them on the New Year theme wish wall to welcome "Long Long" good luck and New Year Coca-Cola. Under the relay of everyone's clever books, a heart-shaped love wall filled with good wishes gradually took shape, and employees appreciated and communicated with each other, sharing the joy of the New Year and the joy of the future work and life.

The company will continue to adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate culture concept, hold more colorful cultural activities, create a more warm and harmonious working environment for employees, and promote the sustainable development of the company and the common growth of employees.