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Ancient Fiber road polyester industrial filament through the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision spot-checkrelease time:2019-05-25

In the third quarter of 2018, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and technical supervision conducted a sampling inspection on our pet industrial filament. Sample base is 100 tons, sample size is 1110 DTEX / 192f, sample quantity is 20 cylinder. According to the standards GB / T16604-2017 polyester industrial filament and GZ28220101 polyester filament 113-2017 Zhejiang Province rules for quality supervision, Inspection and evaluation of polyester filament products, Shaoxing Institute of Quality and Technical Supervision and inspection inspected nine items of our products, including identification, linear density deviation rate, breaking strength, breaking elongation rate, elongation rate under 4.0 cn / dtex load, dry heat shrinkage rate (177 °c) . Our polyester industrial filament has passed the spot check of Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and technical supervision, and the test results meet the requirements of evaluation and supervision. Division I will continue to practice quality integrity, high-quality products and services, responsible to consumers, responsible to enterprises, responsible to society, quality to create high-quality brand, create a good corporate image.

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