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A single fiber opens up a new market for flexible highway guardrailsrelease time:2019-07-08

Recently, good news spread from Jiangsu to Zhejiang Guxiandao Green Fiber Co. , Ltd. , Shaoxing Daily reported on July 1. "Jurong is very satisfied with the demonstration of the new type of guardrail we have installed at the Maoshan scenic area and intends to promote it throughout the city, " said Jingo, the company's general manager, the company's new fiber-reinforced flexible composite guardrail just a debut by the market, which makes the "ancient fiber channel" encouraged. "ancient fiber road" is currently the world's largest polyester industrial yarn production enterprises. In recent years, the company focuses on technological innovation to expand the downstream industrial chain, from the production of raw materials to the production of finished products, new guardrail is one of the new products. In the past, the guardrail on both sides of the road is usually made of galvanized steel, the style and color are relatively monotonous, subject to material, its safety performance is also difficult to have a big improvement. And the reporter sees new-type guardrail in"old towpath", not only colour is diverse, and weight is very light also. "It is made of polyester fiber, which won the Second Prize of National Technological Invention, and is only about one-sixth the weight of traditional steel guardrail, " said Douglas Young, chief engineer of the company, the guardrail's weight is reduced, but its safety is greatly enhanced, so that even a 10-ton truck hitting it at 60 kilometers per hour can be effectively intercepted. In order to develop this new type of guardrail, "ancient fiber channel" from September 2016, the deployment of technical backbone, has invested nearly 10 million yuan, and Tongji University, Zhejiang University cooperation. "This is the first product in the world, and there's been a lot of new exploration in many areas, " Douglas Young said, adding that in the past three years, after many failures, the "ancient towpath" has finally achieved "a combination of strength and softness" in the guardrail. "In the past, a car would bounce off a guardrail on a highway and collide again with a nearby or later vehicle, but this guardrail absorbed the impact energy and guided it back into the lane, greatly reducing the secondary damage, " it said, recently, Guxian road has improved the production process of this new type of guardrail, and now the cost per kilometer of flexible guardrail is lower than traditional steel guardrail. The relevant person in charge of the company's Marketing Department said that, "At present, many parts of the country are pushing ahead with the construction of beautiful villages and the reconstruction and expansion of national and provincial roads. Several cities have expressed their intention to cooperate with us, and a new market worth hundreds of millions of dollars has been opened. "

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