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Provincial enterprise research and development center of the company passed the auditrelease time:2020-04-27

On February 17, the website of zhejiang provincial department of science and technology published the list of research and development centers of provincial high-tech enterprises to be built in 2019, among which the "research and development center of provincial high-tech enterprises of guxiandao and high new fiber material" of our company was listed.

According to the zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise r&d center management method "and" the science and technology department of zhejiang province about organization to declare provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in 2019 notice spirit and requirements, the company technology center staff to actively cope with, carefully prepared information, timely communication, by the competent department of city for the first time to submit the application materials. After material review, on-site verification, district and city recommendation, expert selection, and review of the department affairs, the "research and development center of provincial high-tech enterprise of guyandao high-tech fiber materials" of our company meets the construction conditions and is publicized.

At present, the polyester industrial silk industry is under the dual pressure of overcapacity, energy conservation and emission reduction. Meanwhile, with the transformation of China's population dividend to talent dividend and the drive of industrial upgrading, the polyester industrial silk manufacturers are forced to accelerate the pace of product research and development, technological innovation, quality improvement and consumption reduction, and intelligent manufacturing.

Company has a provincial enterprise research and development center, provincial enterprise institute, doctor workstation, academician workstation, and many other kechuang platform, the future will be subject to rely on research and development, to master a number of advanced technologies, such as expansion of the new industrial fiber, polyester industrial yarn structure-activity relationship theory research and so on, to improve product quality and company's core competitiveness provide strong support.

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