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Leaders of the municipal finance bureau visit the company for research and guidancerelease time:2020-04-27

On March 9, xu jiangjun, deputy director of the municipal finance bureau and other leaders visited the company to investigate and guide our company's response to the transformation, promotion and relocation of the urban chemical industry.

Xu yuelin, vice President of jinpu group and executive director of green fiber co., LTD., jinge, general manager of the company and other leaders warmly received and reported work in the meeting room on the first floor of the company.

At the meeting, xu President on behalf of the ancient fiber road green fiber co., LTD., to the city finance bureau xu director of the leadership of the present company work guidance expressed sincere thanks, at the same time, detailed introduction of the company's current anti-epidemic, production and operation of the basic situation, and on the relocation work related issues for specific report.

Director xu listened to the work report of our company carefully, and the city financial support of our company's industrial transformation and relocation policy for specific introduction and guidance.

The communication at this meeting is of great practical significance and guidance for our company to organize the follow-up work of "industrial transformation, promotion and relocation" in a scientific and orderly manner.

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