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Good news! The company has won a number of awards such as "economic and social construction special merit"release time:2020-04-27

On March 14, doumen street held a meeting to deepen the "two hands are hard, two wars to win" as a major implementation work, the meeting concluded and commended the 2019 economic and social development of various advanced.

Company party secretary, executive director xu yuelin on behalf of the company to attend the meeting, and won the "economic and social construction special merit" title. The company has also been awarded the titles of "outstanding enterprise for economic development", "outstanding enterprise for export-oriented economic development", "outstanding enterprise for tax payment" and "advanced safe unit" in 2019.

Since then, guyandao green fiber has been adhering to the "innovation as fiber, leading the world" business philosophy, internal strong management, external tree image, with independent innovation as the guide, constantly improve product quality, enhance the core competitiveness.

On the new journey of 2020, the company will shoulder new missions and responsibilities, carry forward the enterprising spirit, continue to explore and innovate, promote the economic aggregate in the New Year can have a new breakthrough, achieve to catch up with beyond the new goals, and make contributions to social and economic development.

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