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Xu huai ruo gu large enterprise responsibility -- shaoxing Red Cross society to the company thanksrelease time:2020-04-27

On April 14, hua jun, the party secretary of the Red Cross society of shaoxing city, and his delegation made a special trip to guyandao green fiber co., LTD., to express our heartfelt thanks to jinpu group and green fiber co., LTD., which had donated money to fight against COVID 19. On behalf of the Red Cross society of shaoxing city, they presented a calligraphy work of "virtual huai ruogu". Group vice President, secretary of the party committee of the company, executive director xu yuelin, general manager jin ge, deputy general manager wang zhangyan and other leaders warmly attended the reception.

First of all, President xu expressed thanks to the leadership of the Red Cross society of the city to guide the company. Secretary hua introduced the work of the Red Cross society of shaoxing city in detail and gave feedback on the use of directed donations entrusted by enterprises. Secretary hua said that green fiber, as a leading enterprise in the field of new materials in shaoxing and a winner in economic development, has long had a reputation for actively fulfilling social responsibilities and enthusiastically participating in social public welfare. After the outbreak of covid-19, we mobilized all the staff to raise money for charity in a short period of time to overcome the difficulties together and build a strong humanitarian force of green fiber with love and kindness. The donation of love through the shaoxing Red Cross society all donated to fight the epidemic in wuhan, dedicated to the devotees, and walk with the rebels, this is a kind of responsibility, responsibility, with great love, fully reflects the enterprise's feelings of home and country.

Group vice President, secretary of the party committee, executive director of Xu Yuelin said: the development of the ancient road green fiber and construction, cannot leave the government at all levels and departments for the enterprise to build the good business environment, we hope that we can use donations to give back to society, corporate social responsibility, it is also a group direct embodiment of the "industry" business philosophy. We believe that in the post-epidemic era, with the strong support of the government and the concerted efforts of all sectors of society to overcome the difficulties, the final victory in the fight against the epidemic will be achieved.

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