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Provincial postdoctoral workstation successfully openedrelease time:2020-04-27

On the afternoon of April 24, the opening report meeting of the company's provincial postdoctoral workstation was held smoothly.

Project kick-off meeting by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, zhejiang university of science and technology, the headmaster wen-xing Chen, hsiu-hua wang zhejiang sci-tech university, professor, wang xp, Zhang Xianming Jin Ge Xu Yuelin, executive director and general manager, chief engineer WenGuoQi Douglas young, senior engineer, review panel of de-hui zhang shaoxing people club bureau of professional technology department chief Han Weibin, the city people club bureau talent development superintendent Wang Liang cheong seong-chang, zhejiang sci-tech university, Dr Zhang must become as witness guests attended the meeting.

Jin ge, general manager of the company, first gave an opening speech to the meeting, and reviewed and looked forward to the long-term cooperation between the company and zhejiang university of science and technology. Dr Amber on postdoctoral subject "the preparation and application of flame retardant polyester industrial yarn in detail, from the research background, the technical scheme, research and development cycle and so on various aspects are analyzed, board experts on how to keep the polyester industrial yarn strong stretching characteristics under the premise of function of flame retardant both in-depth discussions technology economy, meet the market demand.

Director han of shaoxing municipal human and social bureau affirmed the importance of the company to the postdoctoral workstation, expressed support for the cooperation and exchange between the company and the university, and passed on the introduction policy of the shaoxing government to high-level talents.

In the end, President xu made a concluding speech, emphasizing the company's demand for core products, core technologies and core competitiveness, and using the scientific research platform to introduce external talents and technology, scientific research into the workshop to solve the actual problems of the enterprise.

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