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Good News! Two new products of the company passed the appraisal smoothlyrelease time:2020-05-16

On the afternoon of May 15,2020, the meeting room on the first floor of the company's administration building successfully held two new product appraisal meetings: "high-efficiency and low-consumption Fiber Grade high-viscosity polyester chip" and "fiber-reinforced flexible composite fence" . The appraisal meeting was led by the Technology Market Promotion Association of Zhejiang Province and undertaken by Zhejiang Guxiandao Co. , Ltd. , an expert evaluation committee comprising Professor Zhan Haihua of the Shaoxing University and Professor Shandong University of Science and Technology of the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University was invited. Deputy manager of the Technology Center makes a technical report on two new products, mainly from the project background, innovation, economic and social benefits, future prospects and so on. After hearing the summary report of the development technology, reviewing the relevant materials such as product testing, scientific and technological novelty searching and users'use, and looking over the samples, the appraisal committee gave full recognition to the two new products, high praise for the company's Scientific Research Capability. At the same time, some pertinent suggestions for improvement are also put forward. After discussion, the final appraisal committee agreed that the high-efficiency, low-consumption and high-viscosity polyester chips reached the international advanced level, and the fiber-reinforced flexible composite guardrail was in the leading domestic level. Guxian road focuses on continuous innovation in the field of polyester industrial fiber, adhering to the concept of "innovation first, leading the world" , constantly leading technological breakthroughs and industrial innovation, adjusting the industrial structure, and realizing the steady improvement of enterprise economic efficiency.

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