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Representatives of the company's corporate militia attend a training session for the Shaoxing Cross city militiarelease time:2020-06-23

Recently, our department from the production, administration, equipment and other departments of nine management cadres as representatives of the corporate militia participated in the first phase of the three-day training of the Shaoxing Cross city militia. Wechat pictures. PNG Group of corporate militia representatives is assembled at the Kuri 见 Guri militia training base. During the training, basic skills such as training in basic movements of formation, automobile flag language, camouflage and maintenance of transport vehicles, as well as military subjects such as tear gas throwing and low-lying creeping tactics, were taken on turns, the overall quality of the basic militia has been improved. Wechat pictures. PNG militia is a "peacetime service, emergency, wartime" team, as a company with rich quality militia resources, the company will use its advantages to strengthen the management of corporate militia organizations, deepening the use of enterprise militia in peacetime, promoting the promotion of enterprise soft power.