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The company in 2020 Shaoxing QC group activities again excellent resultsrelease time:2020-06-29

Recently, the 2020 Shaoxing Excellent QC group event was held successfully at the Yintai hotel in Shaoxing City. The technical center of the company was selected, and the organization recommended six QC groups to participate in the city-level results release. Wechat pictures. After JPG was released on site and evaluated by experts, the first prize of Shaoxing QC was awarded for "narrowing the dry heat difference of ACW6-05 coiler" , dare to break through QC group "reduce the defective rate of spinning components" and Jingsi QC group "Improve 3000D ultra-high strength uniformity" won the second prize. At the same time quality QC group was recommended by Shaoxing to participate in 2020 Zhejiang Province excellent quality management group results release. In recent years, with the promotion of total quality management and excellent performance management, 29 achievements were released in 2019. In 2020,31 items in the QC group, QC group activities showed vitality, well mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, gave full play to the talents of the staff, and created a good atmosphere for quality improvement, gradually improving the competitiveness of the company.