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To promote the practice of child discipline, to care for the children of workers and staff members to grow up, Florida Company holds parent-child Reading Public Welfare activities together with Shaoxirelease time:2021-01-27

A table, a lamp, a bookcase, a warm room, and the company of parents, this is the family study environment that many city children are accustomed to, but for many families of migrant workers, because parents work in the production line for a long time, most of the time, for their children's life, learning can only extensive management, spend more time with their children, is just a good idea... for the growth of caring workers'women, promoting child discipline practice, on January 17, the Green Fiber Human Resources Department joined hands with Shaoxing Shanya Public Welfare Society in the "children's home" on the third floor of the company's Complex Building, together with 28 groups of Workers' children's families, held a unique, warm heart between the parent-child reading public welfare activities. At the activity site, the volunteer teachers of Shaoxing Shanya Public Welfare Society brought the Children Interesting Picture Book Experience Class, the children actively participated in and discussed, and started to make creative handicrafts. Through picture book reading and Games, to enhance parent-child interaction and inspire child discipline practice. After the event, the Charity Society also prepared a hand-held gift of picture books, stationery, extra-curricular books, art supplies and other public welfare gifts for the 28 children of the staff, and visited the children's living and reading environment on the spot, with children and parents in-depth communication, understanding of children's reading needs, to facilitate long-term care tracking and provide targeted public welfare services. Reading is the most basic way to learn knowledge and the best way to care for the healthy growth of children. In communication, the Green Fiber Human Resources Department and Shaoxing Shanya Public Welfare Society agreed that from now on, will work together from time to time to carry out a number of intensive reading activities, by the volunteers to lead more and more workers'parents and children to read together; Also through reading, let the children develop the good habit of reading, promote the healthy growth of children.