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Attractive Women Happy Women —— Foshan Company Holds Fun Group Activities for female employeesrelease time:2021-03-18

In order to celebrate the arrival of "March 8" women's Day, to enrich the spare-time cultural life of women workers and staff members, and to fully display the spirit and features of women workers and staff members, under the care and support of the company leaders, on March 8, the Labor Union, the office and the Human Resources Department of the company carefully prepared and jointly organized a fun team-building activity among the female employees of the company, the event was attended by nearly 130 female employees from 13 teams organized by the company's production, operation, finance and sales departments. This is a unique female staff interest group building activities, set entertainment, fitness, fun in one. The event is divided into 5 units, namely the Team Building Project 4 * 100 meters 2 people 3-foot relay race, the magic circle of love, the classic expansion wheel rolling, joint efforts to build a tower and a circle to the end. 13 teams according to draw the order of the unit PK competition, the final use of all units with the total score to compete for one, two, three prizes. Activity on the field of passion, unity and cooperation, "the eight immortals across the sea each show magical powers, " will PK pushed to a climax. Through the intense competition of five units, the laboratory team of the Department of Operation and management won the first prize of the activity, and the five teams of the Department of Operation and management won the second and third prizes respectively. Wechat pictures. The development of JPG activities has fully stimulated the inner vitality of the female staff and workers of the company, which is based on their positions, striving for excellence and making progress, and has demonstrated the women's self-confidence, self-reliance and self-reliance in the new era. Wang Zhangyan, deputy general manager of the company, and Feng Wei, chairman of the Union, attended the opening ceremony and presented awards to the winning teams.