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The company's spring basketball match opened smoothlyrelease time:2021-05-18

    In order to enhance the communication between employees, enrich their amateur cultural life, cultivate corporate culture, promote the physical and mental health of employees, and provide basketball fans with a stage to show their youth, on April 30th, the annual spring basketball game of the company was successfully opened.

    15:30 in the afternoon, the spring basketball game in the production of a brother basketball team VS production of two old boys team in the first game opened the prelude, both sides attack and defense in order, just a few minutes of the game will enter the white-hot stage, both players in high spirits, after a tense and fierce stalemate stage, both sides you chase me, do not give in. In the end, the production of two old boys team with 99:58 score difference regrettable lost production of a brother basketball team, but the wonderful performance of the athletes, also won the cheers of the audience.

    The rich and colorful activities active the spare time cultural life of the staff, promote the communication between the staff, but also show the unity, harmony, the courage to fight the spirit of the company, I hope that in the next few duels, all the team members continue to play the spirit of unity and cooperation, than the level, the game out of the wonderful!