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Carrying forward the May Fourth Spirit and exhibiting the youthful demeanorrelease time:2021-05-18

    On April 29, in order to show the positive spirit of the young staff of the company, and further mobilize and stimulate the young people's work enthusiasm of love and dedication. The labor union of the company and the human resources department jointly held a fun group building activity for the May 4th Youth Day with the theme of "Carry forward the May 4th Spirit and Show the Young Talent in Competition" in the football field of the company. Nearly 50 young employees from the production, second and fourth departments, administration and marketing departments participated in this activity.

    This fun group building activity advocates to release the pressure of employees reasonably through relaxing and entertaining games, and enhance team cohesion and collaboration ability through mutual cooperation. During the competition, the young employees took an active part in the team competition and cooperated well with each other, which enhanced the team spirit and team awareness among colleagues. The enthusiasm and cheering of colleagues greatly encouraged the morale of the participants.

    The activities enrich the staff's life, deepen the communication among colleagues, let the young staff happy to welcome the upcoming May 4th Youth Day, but also to promote the physical and mental health of the young staff to add vitality and vitality. Through the activities, we further believe that youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind! Keep accepting beauty, hope, courage and power, and you will never grow old!