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Doumen street union, green fiber company jointly held workers forklift skills competitionrelease time:2021-06-15

    On the afternoon of June 8th, the skill competition of doumen street workers forklift was held in the green fiber company and sponsored by doumen street union. 23 contestants from 8 enterprises participated in the competition.

    The competition group invited the regional market supervision bureau to provide forklift truck operation safety production education to the competitors by broadcasting accident cases, so as to further improve the forklift workers' safety operation awareness.

    Competition theory and the field, theory of main test forklift performance examination and how to operate, practical points around the pole freight and irrigation, the rod freight proficiency in assessment of major players driving forklift mastery and balance of vehicles through decay, infuse water ball mainly examine forklift operation in the process of "quasi" stability ", "to see it must end up driving forklift truck operation.

    23 contestants with the spirit of active participation and striving to be the first to give full play to their level. After half an hour theory test and more than 2 hours of on-site practical competition, the competition was successfully concluded. Eight contestants from Zhejiang Guxiandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiaren New Material Co., Ltd., and Shaoxing Xiangyu Green Packaging Co., Ltd won the first, second and third prizes.