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The company produces a spinning workshop class c won the honorary title of "shaoxing city workers pioneer"release time:2021-07-06

    Just came the good news: the company produces a spinning workshop class C won the "2020 annual Shaoxing workers pioneer" honorary title.

    Since its establishment in 2005, under the leadership of the monitor, Class C of the first spinning workshop has made outstanding achievements in unity, division of labor and cooperation, forging ahead and pressing ahead. By 2020, the team has achieved a safe production with zero personal violations and non-injury and zero accidents. Daily actively organize all staff to participate in the company's skills competition, labor competition, improve the skill level. The team's goal is very simple, is to adhere to the daily work well, do fine, for the development of the company to contribute their own modest force.

    The team adhere to the work focus on the site, management in the site of the idea. All staff up and down to make, eye down staring, root down, pay close attention to the site management, seriously implement the site operation safety approval confirmation system. In the management can be found problems, always monitor to the scene, the implementation of measures to the scene, to deal with problems to the scene of the "three to the scene". No matter monitor or advocate hold, make sure at least before the class, in the class, before giving the class inspect spot, this class group holds to proceed with from pay close attention to operation standard, education employee calculates economy account carefully, accomplish in the job consciously thereby careful budget calculation, go up standard post, dry standard work, put an end to the waste behavior in the job. In recent years, because the market changes relatively big, special products increase the production difficulty, raw material consumption, in view of this situation, the class adhere to the standard quality of work to ensure product quality, to good product quality and minimum daily consumption, so as to ensure the class raw material consumption of effective control.

    1. From January to December in 2020, the AA rate of the team in charge of Class C has achieved 96.16%(the target is 95.8%), exceeding the target most, and the waste silk rate is 1.37%(the target is 1.45%).

    2. Output value consumption from January to December in 2020, three indexes won the competition of the second class in a row, and the class and group won the award of Excellent Collective.

    "Worker Pioneer" is the honorary title issued by All-China Federation of Trade Unions with the activity content of "Creating First-class Work, First-class Service, First-class Performance and First-class Team". To win this honor is the full affirmation of the company's production of a spinning workshop class c, the team will continue to carry forward the good style of hard work, can fight, and strive to step on a new level in the work after today.