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28/5000 Company labor union organizes young worker to attend "beautiful woman about" single young worker make friends activityrelease time:2021-10-21

       In order to better serve enterprises and employees, solve the marriage and dating problems of single young workers in Doumen Street, and build a good platform for employees to get to know each other and love each other, in the afternoon of October 11th, the Female Workers Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, doumen Street Federation of Trade Unions, Zhejiang beauty new material co., Ltd. labor union undertook the "beauty about" single young workers dating activities in the Sunend tree child tribe held, the activity a total of more than 50 single young workers to participate in the company's labor union organization 6 single young workers to participate in activities.

       The activity is divided into four stages:

       One, the fun of picking fruits and melons, after a simple self-introduction, set out to the greenhouse, personally experience the fun of picking and tasting now. The process is full of novelty and surprise, and picking fruit by hand is delicious.

       Two, show cooking on firewood, we are divided into groups, fire boiling pot! Deal with the ingredients, peel and cut vegetables, to the heat, stir fry! Thick wood smell permeates every dish, as if back to the most modest era.

       Three, the aroma of cooking, we sit around a table, accompanied by beautiful scenery, chatting. A drink, a dish, incense!

       Four, the bright bonfire party, in the bright lights, everyone singing, dancing, wanton sweat. Warm atmosphere makes everyone closer to each other, subtle feelings are quietly budding. The event also ended after the bonfire.

       This doumen street held young workers make friends activities, for the enterprise single young workers to build a mutual understanding, mutual communication, enhance friendship, harvest love platform.