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Li Ming artisan Studio won the title of "Innovation Studio of Model Workers in Yuecheng District"release time:2021-11-15

     Recently, the company's Li Ming artisan's studio was named "Yuecheng District Model worker's Innovation Studio" by yuecheng District Federation of Trade Unions.

     The studio was founded in June 2021, based on equipment upgrading, transformation and innovation, to promote equipment maintenance work to a higher level. The studio has 6 key members, all of whom have professional and technical titles, including 4 engineers and 2 assistant engineers. The artisan Li Ming is in charge of the studio. He is an experienced, professional and innovative talent team.

     Since its establishment, the studio has established and improved equipment innovation management system and related assessment system, established equipment information ledger, optimized material declaration process, improved rapid response time and maintenance rate to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of equipment. In 2020, complete the maintenance of the whole plant and the technical transformation and upgrading of key equipment, with the equipment start-up perfect rate of 100%.

     In the field of r&d and innovation, the studio designed and transformed two final shrinkage stirrers based on years of work accumulation, which solved the bottleneck of high failure rate of similar stirrers and saved 2 million yuan for the company.

     In the field of safety production, the studio developed the detachable flame arrester inside the tank, the research and development can play a very good prevention effect, can eliminate the lampblack pipe fire safety hazards, so far the company has more than 100 low-shrinkage line textile position has been installed with lampblack pipe flame arrester, and the use of good, greatly reduce the potential safety hazards.

     Craftsman li Ming said the hard-won honor, but also push for future work, will continue to guide model studio craftsmen innovation vigorously carry forward the "spirit", "teacher and pupil in pairs, mentoring" spirit, the courage to show the ancient road flyover fiber innovation, spirit, the spirit of vigorous upward, first let the studio brand.