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38/5000 Study hard practice, master skills, tamp foundation, match out of the level Operation quality management 2021 annual training competition successfully concludedrelease time:2021-12-04

     From November 17 to 30, the Quality Management Department of Operation Management department took the fourth quarter of the company as an opportunity to set off a boom of post training competition. With the purpose of full participation and practical improvement of operation level, it stimulates the learning initiative of all staff, speeds up the training of key staff, improves the overall quality of staff, and strengthens the competitiveness and cooperation ability of staff. Under the overall arrangement of the department leaders, the appearance, physical inspection and laboratory teams have successively carried out competition activities.

     At the first stop of appearance, on November 17th, at 8:30 a.m., the main operation group and the staff group will compete with 16 elite soldiers. The competition is ready after 8 main operators and 8 employees draw lots in turn. Within 10 minutes, a whole car of 36 ingots of silk cakes with different specifications and batch numbers are inspected and confirmed. The field is steady in the speed, the outside is eager to try, the whole competition scene atmosphere is warm, nervous and orderly.

     The second stop of individual physical inspection competition, at 13:00 on November 23rd, the annual training competition was held in the south building of the fourth building of physical inspection. After the sound of "start", the stopwatch turned rapidly. In the individual competition, there were two competitions: one was the fineness test, and the other was the dry heat test. The 8 contestants selected from each part of the material test crossed each other in turn. Drying oven method dry heat test is relatively difficult coefficient of fineness is high, from wire cutting, tying, hanging shelves, into the oven and a series of operations have relevant provisions and requirements, this is the key point of the individual competition, but also a watershed to open the distance to really test skills.

     The third station of physical inspection team competition, on the afternoon of November 24th, in the fourth south building of physical inspection, a total of 12 people from 4 teams composed of new and old employees carried out physical inspection training competition. 3 people in a group to test the team cooperation and tacit understanding, slimness, dry heat, strong stretch each pass, test requirements and normal sample process consistent. During the dry heating process of the instrument, some employees were not skilled in weight configuration, and the strength and elongation test of low denier wire required twisting. Some new workers were not smooth after twisting and repeated taking of wire and wire leading to a long time. In the future, training and practice should be strengthened.

      Fourth station test, new ideas and new power. Laboratory team in the previous operation competition on the basis of additional theoretical knowledge contest, 4 groups of 16 employees to participate in the contest and operation examination. Compulsory answer link each group of players equally, equally, with the arrival of the answer link, answer device display number and the score of each team constantly refresh, the competition into the climax, each group want to take the lead, miss the opportunity on the sigh, answer the right fight more high. EG moisture practical test is also not to be underestimated, it seems that the operation is simple and quick, but the test results are very important. The results were summarized and reviewed, and the test competition was completed, which also drew a successful end to the 21st annual department training competition.

     At ordinary times thousands of practice, the game shows. Every point deduction reflects that the basic skills practice is not solid enough, skills are not in place, in the future work to make persistent efforts, down to earth bitter internal skills.