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Every effort is to be the best you can be -- a group building activity for two workshopsrelease time:2019-05-29

Outside the workshop was drizzle, inside the workshop is laughter, the weather does not affect the staff to participate in the enthusiasm of team development. December 8 afternoon, in the production of the second packaging workshop during the overhaul of the first team expansion activities, after three days of theoretical knowledge training, we have long been full of expectations for this expansion. In the process of team building, eight teams competed. Each employee face is filled with excitement and passion, in the competition is actively planning, fun, each expansion activities reflect the spirit of unity of purpose, unity and cooperation. QQ screenshot 20190529141849. PNG's first project was "ALL HANDS ON DECK" : Ask Four people to sit in a circle, back to back on the ground, stand up without using their hands, and then add a member to the group until all the members are successful. To complete the project is to control the sequence of players, the first to play the greater responsibility, he has to withstand every challenge. As long as all members of the team are clear about the common goal, thinking in one place, striving in one place, united in step and working together, there is no goal that can not be accomplished, no difficulty that can not be overcome. QQ screenshot 20190529141900. PNG's second challenge is the "loop of excellence" : two people connecting the coils, with all team members in turn passing through the coils without touching them. In this part of the test of our ability to respond, some players slow reaction time. So support and understand each other in a team. There are no perfect individuals, only perfect teams. There is a certain running-in period between the team and personality differences, each person's personality is different, it is inevitable from their own point of view. This test our managers'ability to organize and coordinate, no matter what a team should do to achieve a rule, a statement, an attitude, cooperation and progress. QQ screenshot 20190529142026. PNG's final project is the "un-falling Forest" : The team members are asked to form a circle, palms flat, palms on the top of the stick, clockwise direction around, and one person behind each step must press palms on the stick of the one ahead in turn, and so on and so on until we reach the origin. During the cycle, if the stick falls to the ground, start again. This is a very challenging team effort and one of the most challenging in the expansion. This session made us realize that no matter what we do, we need to stay focused and keep the rules in mind. Breaking the rules will only result in unnecessary losses to our team. In addition, can do a thing every day, repeat, not only to do in the end, but also to do well, this indomitable spirit in our team is also reflected. Bao Jianfeng from grinding out, plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold, every time the persistence of efforts are in the achievement of their best. Through this team building activity, the members of each team in the second production department not only relieved the work pressure, but also enhanced the friendship among colleagues and team cohesion, and honed their perseverance and Gunbuster spirit. In the future work, we would like to produce two of each of our brothers and sisters to continue to make good progress.