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Theoretical study for a moment, warning education is not loose for a moment - the ancient Guxiandao party branch launched the June theme party day activitiesrelease time:2019-06-20

       On June 10th, the Ancient Guxiandao Party Branch organized a study meeting with the theme of “Theory is learning all the time, warning education is not loose”, and the meeting was chaired by Feng Wei, the branch secretary.

       The first process of the meeting was to lead the party members to learn the "Regulations on the Education and Management of the Communist Party Members of the Communist Party of China" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations", the formulation and implementation of the "Regulations", to improve the quality of party members' construction and to stimulate the vitality of party organizations. Vitality and the promotion of a comprehensive and strict governance of the party to a deeper development are of great significance. Studying and implementing the "Regulations" is an important task for the party organizations and all party members and cadres in each period of the present and future. By reminding the party members of the branch, what is a party member should do, what should not be done, and promote The progress of party members has thus profoundly and clearly recognized their shortcomings and shortcomings, and gradually improved in life, and improved the party members' ideological consciousness through learning. Therefore, strengthening the study and implementation of the "regulations" of party members and cadres is more important, realistic urgency and long-term arduousness.

       At the meeting, all party members under the leadership of secretary Feng, through the "Clearance Zhejiang" website, concentrated on watching the "police alarm Changming" column of the integrity warning education, aiming to further enhance the political discipline, political rules and integrity and self-discipline of the leading party members. We must build a strong defense against corruption and morality.

      "The embankment of a thousand miles, collapsed in the ant hole." By watching the warning education film, the party members of the branch were deeply touched and expressed their acceptance of a baptism of thought and soul. They used the case to identify the honor and disgrace and received a profound warning education. In the future, we must profoundly learn lessons, strengthen our ideals and convictions, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", follow the "six major disciplines", continue to strengthen the character training and personal cultivation, consciously resist all kinds of temptations, and truly "speak politics and strong party spirit." , strict discipline, and abide by the rules.

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