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In honor of the most beautiful workers of the guxiandaorelease time:2020-05-05

Root grassroots children cattle, the courage to act as a doer; Down to Earth to achieve good results, sincere heart to ensure operation. It is May Day again. Looking back on the first quarter of the past year, in the face of the double tests of the epidemic raging and the annual overhaul, the company is all working together, undaunted, going all out and overcoming difficulties, from the ranks of the good, dedicated doers. Chen ai-ming, an electrical engineer in the production of a Spinneret, the details determine success or failure. During the 40-day overhaul of the parking, Chen ai-ming led a spinneret to arrange and carefully plan the overhaul, it can be described as "starting early, arranging early, preparing early and planning early" , from the division of work among maintenance personnel to material preparation, from technical measures to implementation demonstration, from safety measures to determination and implementation, from every overhaul detail to every work acceptance, all embodies Chen ai-ming's attention to details and requirements, to ensure the safety, high-quality, efficient and timely completion of the instrument and electricity maintenance work. Chen Ai Ming said: Instrument and electricity work regardless of the size, regardless of the magnitude of the matter, are closely related to safety, therefore, we must have more careful and focused, pay attention to the process, pay attention to details, pay attention to practical results; as a safe operation of the operator, we all need to uphold the safety of this yardstick, the fear of life, fear of duty, fear of rules. Sun Bing, chief engineer of polymer security, how do you treat the equipment, how the device treats you "the device is like a child, there are no children do not understand, only the parents do not pay attention, " Sun Bing said a common words, contains a deep truth. As the chief engineer in charge of the production of the second unit of polymer security, he would go to the scene to check the pulse of any equipment that was a bit "hot" ; there was also "room for improvement" in which equipment, he is trying to figure out how to make it more productive as soon as possible. Sun Bing came to work on the ancient towpath in 2013 for eight years. Every day after work, he would head into the production site, carefully check the operation of each equipment, one by one acceptance of the equipment maintenance that day. In his eyes, the two devices are like his children, which one of the equipment has a little "temper" , which one of the good performance did not give him "trouble" , he knew it all. Whether it is new equipment or old equipment, in order to make each equipment to play the maximum production capacity, he organized section to strengthen equipment inspection, equipment repair and maintenance plan. He said, love hillock is his duty, dedication is his duty, and professional is his greatest capital, he used the spirit of down-to-earth and willing to work around colleagues, with years of dedication and dedication, wrote a dedicated poem. FDY Production Department polymerization workshop shift leader Cheng Guangming, a skill need to really learn with, graduated from the Hangzhou Dianzi University mechatronics engineering professional Cheng Guangming, 2007 into the ancient fiber road, is also polyester fiber industry layman. However, facing the difficulties and challenges in his new position, Cheng Guangming took practical training as the best classroom, and fully understood the technology, process and equipment in practice. Cheng Guangming said that "technical expertise" , if there is no skill, work to avoid "bare-handed" to ensure production and operation will also become an empty word. Therefore, to "learn, interrogate, think carefully, distinguish, and practice" , to systematically master polyester professional skills, develop a professional skills, see the tactics, enhance the ability to find problems, solve difficulties, can truly achieve the application of learning, that's how you do it. Sun Qiguang, an engineer in the production of four tackifying workshop, has been keeping his troops for thousands of days and has been using his troops for a while. Sun Qiguang entered the company in 2010, and has been working in the production of four units for exactly ten years this year, responsible for the production management of solid phase polymerization and liquid phase tackifying workshop. Because the company plans to take the lead in four driving, maintenance work time heavy task, workshop staff are working overtime until 8 pm every day. On March 28, the first bags of chips were dropped from the solid-phase polymerization plant, marking the plant's official start-up. In this overhaul work, we really saw the four gluing team members of the unity, the extent of tacit cooperation, as well as everyone in a time-critical time of bold, resolute, rapid response capacity, especially dedication and sacrifice. Sun Qiguang said, "it takes a long time to raise the army and use it. It is precisely because we usually pay attention to the cultivation of team members' tacit understanding and trust, as well as the training of employees' knowledge, skills or business abilities, that we can hand over such a satisfactory answer sheet. " Wang Jian, a reserve cadre of the Equipment Management Department, as a reserve cadre who has been on the job for just one year, during the test of this overhaul, Wang Jian actively integrated into the team, honed his gun in the face of the situation, stimulated his potential, and continuously deposited his knowledge and experience, living a hard, bitter, sweet life. Young Wang Jian, is only the equipment management department is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, set an example of all staff in a microcosm. During the inspection and maintenance, all members of the equipment department completed the inspection and maintenance tasks successfully with almost no one to rest. Equipment Department staff will continue to carry forward the results, improve themselves, work hard, further improve the technical innovation ability, for the company's business development to make new and greater contributions. Equipment Management Department Zhao Xiaoping, only by adhering to the original intention, can we strive for excellence since May 2006 into the ancient towpath work, he has been in the Equipment Management Department of the power plant air compression, nitrogen, refrigeration, polyester industrial filament air conditioning, circulating water, water treatment, sewage treatment, water reuse and other stations work. Among the numerous technical posts of the ancient towpath, the sewage technician is an ordinary post in the eyes of many people. However, Zhao Xiaoping has always been solid in his work, striving for excellence, day in and day out, sticking to his original intention, and with a craftsman's attitude, he has established the excellent image of the grassroots workers of the ancient towpath, and in the company's annual appraisal of outstanding employees, in 2012-2013, the company's top 10 employees in 2014, the company's top 10 employees in 2015, the company's top 10 employees in 2017, the company's top 10 employees in 2019, the spirit of craftsmen shining. Yan Zhipeng of the Ministry of Anhuan, who is ready to come and fight as soon as he is called, is willing to devote himself and have the courage to bear the responsibility of fighting the epidemic during the two-month critical period since the company's deployment of the epidemic prevention work on January 17. During the two-month period of fighting the epidemic, he is on duty on duty, taking the factory as his home, day and night, charging ahead, doing first things first, always adhere to the front line, when called, when to fight, willing to sacrifice, the courage to assume, in order to do a good job in the whole system of disease prevention and control work, together with strong positive energy. During the Spring Festival, when the epidemic was at its worst, on the first and third days of the Lunar New Year, he went to almost all the pharmacies and drug companies operating in the city to buy just-needed thermometers, forehead thermometers, etc. , to solve the epidemic prevention materials in short supply. As a member of the company's epidemic prevention and Control Working Group, he strictly performed his duties, carefully supervised the disinfection quality of the factory area, carefully checked and issued epidemic prevention articles, and followed up the physical condition of employees in isolation period in other provinces. He is the Anhuan post of the anti-epidemic Pioneer, with dedication and fighting spirit, to perform the responsibility, interpretation of responsibility, show the ancient way of the struggle posture. They are the best at what they do. They are the mainstay of their work. They are as ordinary as "paving stones" , they are as firmly as screws, build a tight line of safety in production, let us take root in the most beautiful dedication of the workers!