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Company Spinning Equipment Maintenance Class won the Shaoxing, "Workers Pioneer" honorary titlerelease time:2020-05-26

Recently, the Shaoxing Federation of Trade Unions released the 2019"worker pioneer" on the list, the company's Equipment Management Division Spinning Equipment Maintenance Class won the award. Wechat pictures. PNG Pioneer Team, win in execution. Spinning equipment maintenance class is a positive, united and friendly, full of vitality of the collective. Since the formation of the team, the team members sincere unity, hard-working, striving for the first, "pioneer team, win in the implementation of" as the working creed, excellent completion of various tasks and performance indicators. Equipment Management Department is the core to ensure production, in the face of 24-hour non-stop operation of equipment, only strengthen inspection can better understand the operation of equipment. In terms of work, on the a 5 line and a 6 line. After the oil system is improved, the cost of oil can be saved about 3000 yuan per year. Ensure product oil content uniformity, ensure product quality AA from 91.2% to 94.3% ; WH3000 quality strength does not meet the requirements of the process, the team of staff to test and eliminate the various links of the equipment, finally, it is confirmed that the forming plate is treated by external repair spray after long service life, and the tensile ratio of the product is reduced from 6.3 to 6.2 after replacement, so that the strength of the product is greatly improved and the quality requirement of the product is achieved. In training staff, the team of good technology, business service level of strong staff to focus on training, in this year's company personnel promotion, the team has a good staff promotion for the position of team leader. Pay attention to the safety of the staff and the safety of the production equipment at all times, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of production, educate the staff on safety ideology at the pre-class meeting every day, and train and explain the safety operation procedure of the post every week, through on-site practice to improve staff safety skills and work safety experience education, so that employees from the heart remember safety, to ensure that every day is a "safe day" and so on. Spinning maintenance class combined with the work of the department, consciously play a pioneering role in the team, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, has achieved a good idea, style, ability, business, dare to fight a hard battle, selfless dedication of high-quality staff. Give full play to enthusiasm and innovative spirit, to ensure that the team plays a link between the role of management, really do their best, win in the implementation.